While you might think that you’re doing everything to improve employee morale, the truth is that it’s still not enough and not due to your lack of dedication or your employees’ ungratefulness!

Even if you present a heaven-on-earth scenario in the workplace, there are still some basic but deeper issues that will create cracks in the façade. So, let’s have a look at how you can improve employee morale by removing those issues, root and stem!

Effective Ways to Improve Employee Morale

Here are the most effective ways to improve employee morale.

Provide Feedback

As disinterested as some may seem, people still want to believe that they belong somewhere. And if you take the right steps, they will want to belong to your company.

When asking for feedback, create detailed questionnaires and ask them to go into detail with their questions. Sift through the criticism and take clues from it, instead of taking it personally that people just aren’t happy with the way things are being run.

Accept the Human Side

We often forget that while this is a professional environment, we’re still dealing with some very human individuals.

You may ask employees to take shorter breaks, even though their breaks don’t exceed 10–15 minutes. Maybe you force them to complete work (while they’re overworked) each day, discouraging them from taking their vacation days because it might affect work quality. Or, forcing them to come to work despite harsh weather. All these are signs that we regard our workforce as just cogs in a machine. And that’s plain disrespectful. In addition, it makes employees resent you.

Add Relief Days

Plan surprises for your staff once or twice every 2–3 months. Send out an email stating that they’ll get tacos on Wednesday as a special treat. Send them home early once in a while. Plan a surprise off-day before the holidays so employees can decorate the office or just hang out.

Let them know that their hard work is recognized, and for that, you want to offer them some time off to just relax.

Help Them Cultivate Balance in their Life

It is the holiday season? Give your employees an early off so they can spend time with their family. Have students working part-time? Acknowledge their hectic schedule and be flexible with timings, and limit their hours so work doesn’t contribute to their exhaustion.

Allow your employees to maintain a sense of balance between their work and home life. You might think that doing so is entirely up to them. But your workers will not be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle if they’re either working, worried about work, or talking about work all the time!

Make the Workspace Welcoming

If your office space somehow resembles images from World War I when women would work in munitions factories, standing single-file, each at their station, you’ve got a major problem!

White walls, white floors, and a line of grey cubicles with people typing away at their computers, lost in their work, are not the makings of a productivity plan. Hire an artist to create murals pertaining to elements from your field of work. Ask for employee input on any creative designs you should add to the office. You’ll be surprised by the onslaught of genius ideas!

Stop Overworking Them

And don’t compare them with other employees who don’t complain about the workload!

While some employees might be alright with working themselves to the bone, it’s unrealistic to expect all your employees to follow the same tactic.

If there’s plenty of work to be done, plan accordingly and don’t rely on your workforce to just get stuff done. Remember, they’re human. Mood swings, health concerns, simple boredom—there’s a lot that will affect their rate of productivity. Accept it and give them just enough that they’ll be able to complete. Otherwise quality will suffer and you will be dissatisfied.

Bonus: Update their Benefits

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Conclusion: Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Employee Morale

As cliché as it might seem, it’s all about working together as a team if you want to achieve your goals. Your employees work for you, but this doesn’t mean they depend on you. In fact, you depend on their talent to keep your business running smoothly. The faster you concede to this fact and give your employees the importance they need, the better it will be for your company’s future success!