Monday, February 29, 2016

That is SO last week

February was a tough month for Silicon Valley unicorn, Zenefits.  After losing its CEO due to “compliance issues,” word spread that additional compliance issues were rampant in both its business operations and human resources.  Last week, Mashable covered a letter sent to employees that described a “debauched office culture.”  The letter requested that employees stop having sex in the office stairwells and refrain from drinking at work, among other things.  After the letter, Zenefits announced the layoff of 250 employees.
  • Fast Company reported on a survey that showed 1 in 5 human resources professionals admit there is a gender wage gap in their organization.
  • Daniel Schwartz asked if Donald Trump is a hostile work environment creator, equal opportunity offender, or something else.
  • Four companies described why they hire disabled workers.
  • The EEOC proposed new regulations to help federal contractors hire more disabled workers.
  • TechCrunch covered how Airbnb doubled its hiring of women last year, thanks to data science.
  • A Harvard Business School study showed that computers make better hiring decisions than humans for simpler jobs.
  • Mercedes intends to reduce its robot workforce and hire more humans.
  • Meghan M. Biro asked if technology will replace HR in 2016.
  • Chris Fields explained why people analytics are better than gut feelings.
  • Suzanne Lucas requested that even though there is some great HR technology out there, organizations need to keep the human in HR.
In other developments:
  • The Department of Labor announced a new proposed rule that requires federal contractors to provide paid sick leave to employees.
  • The Guardian published a piece by an anonymous workplace investigator who just wants employees to tell the truth.
  • Inc discussed how companies with flexible workplace policies are more profitable.