Monday, August 3, 2015

That is SO last week

Last week, the world mourned Cecil the Lion, and all eyes were on the Minnesota dentist who killed him.  The scrutiny of the dentist unearthed, among other things, a sexual harassment complaint lodged against him by a former dental assistant.  The media swooped upon the former assistant, who had settled her claim for $127,500 and a non-disparagement provision.  In an interview, she said “Karma is a b**h – that’s all I have to say.”  Employment attorneys picked up on this statement and wondered “Is it ‘disparaging’ to say ‘Karma is a b**h’?”  The dentist remains in hiding, so we’re all left to wonder whether he will sue his former employee for breaching the settlement agreement.
  • The EEOC obtained a preliminary injunction to prevent the termination of an employee who complained of racial harassment.
  • Inc. covered President Obama’s remarks about “ban the box” and the impact of criminal records on the employment of minorities.
  • Heather Bussing discussed the difference between discrimination and reality.
  • The EEOC announced that EEOC v. Abercrombie has been resolved following the Supreme Court’s historic recent decision.
  • Corporate Counsel gave guidance on hiring an applicant with a criminal record
  • A former employee of Harrison County, Indiana sued the county for religious discrimination after she was terminated for refusing to issue a same-sex marriage license.
  • Recruitment Buzz proclaimed that wearables will revolutionize the workplace.
  • Forbes asked if algorithms and big data could appraise character.
  • Workforce lamented the lack of data analytic skills in human resources and why HR must fill that skills gap.
  • Hootsuite described how it integrated different HR technology to build a better recruitment system.
  • A new study showed that 25 percent of employees would sell sensitive data for a paltry $8,000.
  • Janine Truitt advised that HR departments should organize themselves before purchasing HR technology.
  • Business Insider listed the 19 worst data breaches in history.  This is a list guaranteed to be out of date quickly.
In other developments
  • Minnesota’s minimum wage increased to $9.00 per hour for employers who do more than $500,000 of business per year.
  • Monster covered arbitration agreements in light of “Deflategate.”
  • Dan Schwartz addressed what to do when your model employee isn’t a model employee anymore. 
Posted by Kate Bischoff  
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