Monday, March 16, 2015

That is SO last week

The trial of Ellen Pao’s gender discrimination case against Kleiner Perkins continued last week. Ms. Pao testified that she brought suit against her former employer because the venture capital firm “was not going to change unless I pushed it,” and she “couldn’t let women be at risk and treated unfairly.” The case, which has all of Silicon Valley riveted, may go on for a while, and we’ll keep you updated as it unfolds.

In other developments: 

  • The Harvard Business Review offered ideas on how to tackle unconscious gender bias without putting staff on the defensive.
  • The New York Times reviewed the gender composition of boards of directors around the world.
  • The EEOC sued an Arizona health care company for retaliation after it terminated an employee who complained of sexual harassment.
  • The Guardian wondered, “Where are the women in Silicon Valley?”
  • Blogging4Jobs says HR mangers must have technical skills and offers three ways to improve, including boning up on wearable technology.
  • InsideCounsel names the cybersecurity risk within companies (it’s called “employees”).
  • Jon Hyman asks if your company is ready for “wear your own device.”
  • The Wall Street Journal showed how companies are using algorithms to predict when employees are going to quit.
Wage & Hour
  • A federal judge in San Francisco ruled that a jury will determine if Uber and Lyft drivers are employees or independent contractors.
  • Corporate Counsel discussed how employers can manage the flood of new paid sick leave laws.
  • Vodafone announced its new maternity leave policy that allows mothers to work less than full-time without losing pay.
  • NPR laid out paid paternity leave laws across the globe, revealing that the U.S. is one of the few countries that does not mandate paternity leave.  
Posted by: Kate Bischoff 

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