Monday, January 5, 2015

That is SO last week

Last week, we offered some predictions about what employers will need to watch out for in 2015. Included in that list is protection of employee data from the increasing threat of cybersecurity breaches. Our concern was heightened when news surfaced that a terminated system administrator may have assisted in the infamous hack of Sony Pictures.  Nextgov’s recap of major 2014 government hacks, including several that resulted in access to federal employees’ personnel information, was another reminder that all employers need to mind their data.
In other developments:
  • The EEOC filed suit against an adult day care and wellness center after it terminated a woman for, among other reasons, failing to disclose prohibited medical information on her application.
  • The Wall Street Journal recapped the tech industry’s diversity issue.
  • The Employer Handbook discussed direct evidence of disability discrimination in a case where a school janitor was fired because his Asperger’s hampered his communication with his supervisor.
  • Time offered some workplace trends for 2015, including increased conversion of full-time to part-time work and focus on transgender issues. 
  • Blogging4Jobs asked HR tech gurus for their HR technology predictions.
  • The National Law Review recapped the year in social media and the workplace.
  • Chris Fields asked how many systems it takes to run a recruitment report.
  • Information Is Beautiful put together an infographic on the world's biggest data breaches.
Wage and Hour
  • As more states increase their minimum wage, NPR asks if Congress is under pressure to take action as well.
  • Jeff Nowak presented FMLA highlights of 2014.
  • The federal court overseeing the lawsuit brought by unpaid interns at publishing giant Conde Nast gave preliminary approval for the $5.85 million settlement of all claims.
  • The Connecticut Employment Law Blog offered its predictions for 2015, including the EEOC’s and Department of Labor’s robust regulatory agenda.

Posted by: Kate Bischoff 

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