Monday, October 20, 2014

That is SO last week

Last week, Apple and Facebook announced a new benefit for female employees: egg freezing.  In the “perk war” to woo top talent, Silicon Valley is prepared to buy time for female employees who want to delay starting a family.  The announcement sparked an intense debate over benefits, with some suggesting that if employers pay for freezing eggs, they need to pay for daycare too.
Clearly, the war for talent rages on, with employers offering prospective employees everything from house cleaning to yurts to purpose.
In other developments:
  • A group of Harvard Law professors are urging the university not to adopt a proposed sexual harassment policy, arguing that it is broader than Title VII requires.
  • The New York Times highlighted the importance of pregnancy accommodations.
  • Jon Hyman at The Ohio Employer’s Law Blog posted a reminder about use of personality testing in recruitment, given ADA issues.
  • Dollar General will pay $4 million to settle a background check class action.

  • The HR Bartender offered her Ten Social and Tech Etiquette Rules for the Workplace
  • A tech commentator asked if HR technology was overshooting HR’s capabilities.
Employment Policies
  • Nordstrom rolled out its new employee handbook with one rule: Use good judgment in all situations.
  • A new controversy over moonlighting and ethics at the National Security Agency drew attention.
  • CBS’s policy against assault in the workplace applies everywhere, including The Late Show with David Letterman.   
Posted by: Kate Bischoff

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