Monday, August 11, 2014

That is SO last week

Last week, the Apple-Google-Intel-Adobe anti-poaching settlement was thrown out by a San Jose federal judge because the $324.5 million agreement was not “within the range of reasonableness” given a previous settlement agreement involving many of the same key players – most notably, former Apple CEO Steve Jobs. The case involves antitrust law and how the tech companies’ collusion negatively affected wages, and is remarkable for, among other things, the evidence outlining the antics of those key players.
For example, one email from Google Chairman Eric Schmidt informed Jobs that a recruiter was being terminated “within the hour” for contacting an Apple employee.  Jobs responded with a smiley face.  In another email, former Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen stated “If I tell Steve it’s open season, he will deliberately poach from Adobe just to prove a point.”
In other developments:


  • A derogatory and graphic Facebook rant doomed a discrimination claim.

  • P.F. Chang’s restaurant was found liable in two separate sexual harassment arbitrations, resulting in awards to two employees totaling over $1 million. Attorneys’ fees are still to be assessed against the restaurant.   
  • A Baltimore teacher received a jury award of $350,000 on his discrimination claim, which alleged that his supervisor (and principal) treated him differently because he is white.

  • A county judge in North Carolina called North Myrtle Beach “the most litigious municipality in the state” after allowing a former employee to amend his pleadings to include discrimination claims. 

  • While big data may be the big deal, Brent Daily argues that medium data can be useful as well
  • Based on a survey conducted by Information Services Group, Meghan M. Biro discussed what HR leaders will expect from their investment in HR tech and big data. 
  • Entrepreneur covered “How Big Data Will Change Everything About Managing Employees.”   
  • Dell is developing a mood-reading application that could tell when employees are disengaged.

Wage and Hour

  • InsideCounsel released the top ten most expensive wage and hour settlements of 2013.

  • Fashion house Giorgio Armani is another employer facing minimum wage claims brought by former interns.
Posted by: Kate Bischoff
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