Monday, November 3, 2014

That is SO last week

While the EEOC and Honeywell were busy preparing for today’s hearing on Honeywell's biometric testing, the political ads and campaigns heated up.  With some states deciding minimum wage issues and others tackling equal rights initiatives, the 2014 elections may have a significant impact on employers.
Meanwhile, it’s never too late for a refresher on voter leave laws.
In other developments:
  • The Huffington Post published maps showing where employees can be fired for being LGBT.
  • Five former police captains have sued the Minneapolis Police Department for age discrimination.
  • The manager of the New York Mets denies firing an employee because she was pregnant. 
  • The Connecticut Employer Law Blog covered disruptive technology and the workplace.
  • Fortune hypothesized that the workplace will lead the way in wearable technology.
  • Data and analytics alone will not make employees more productive, according to the Harvard Business Review.
  • Molly DiBianca offered three tips on protecting electronically stored employee data.
Employee Relations
  • Janine Truitt discussed finding the balance between good employee relations and the risk of not paying attention to employee communication.
  • Whether HR should be a strategic partner was discussed by an expert on Millennials.
Posted by: Kate Bischoff